Claims and compensations

When logistics is involved, sometimes things happen that should not happen. In case there are damages, you might need to make a claim and ask for reimbursements. For these cases, OGOship as a standardized claims process that you should follow.


Who to address the claim

OGOship has multiple sub-contractors as service providers for its services. Even if they have made a mistake, you should always file the claim to OGOship and let OGOship handle the claim for the sub-contractor.


Information needed for the claim

In order to file the claim, you need to collect and provide the following information for OGOship:

  • Specific target for the claim. If an order is in question, OGOship needs the order reference number for the order. If a product is in question, a product code is needed.
  • Specific reason for the claim per product or per order. Please provide an explanation why this claim is made. If you claim for multiple orders or products with the same claim, please specify for which target the explanation is for.
  • Specific amount to be claimed per product or per order. Please provide a sum that you was to claim the amount per order or per product. If you claim for multiple orders or products with the same claim, please specify clearly what amount refers to which order / product.
  • Reason for the amount to be claim per product or per order. If you claim for multiple orders or products with the same claim, please specify clearly which reason is meant for which product / order.

All the information above can also be provided in a spreadsheet format e.g. .xlsx or .gheet.


How to make the claim

  1. Please send a free-form email to to make the claim
  2. Provide all the above listed information with the email
  3. Wait for confirmation that the claim has been received
  4. Please be prepared to provide further information about the claim that will be asked by email
  5. After 1 - 4 weeks, a response and a decision for your claim will be provided.



In many cases OGOship will compensate you for damages regarding the claim, if OGOship or one of its sub-cotractors is responsible for the damage.

The most common way to compensate is for OGOship to create a negative invoice row for your next invoice after the processing of the claim. You will see a reference and a negative sum on the invoice that refers to the compensation. In case the claim's monetary sum is over 50 % of the total sum of the invoice to which the claim might be targeted for, a credit note for the invoice will be made and a a reduced sum needs to be paid for an open invoice. 

Please note that making a claim does not stop the invoicing process of OGOship. All open invoices need to be paid on time. The compensation will be made for future open invoices after the claim has been processed by OGOship. 



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