Invoice payment

The invoice for services will be sent out depending on the warehouse in use.

If the warehouse is located within the euro-zone, the invoices will be sent out in euros. If, however, the warehouse is located in Sweden for instance, the invoices will be sent out in SEK. The company has separate accounts for euros and SEK.

All payments will be paid to OGOship's company account. The company accounts are currently operated by the Nordea bank in Finland, also the SEK account. Company accounts are given in the IBAN format. If an international bank transfer is used, the payment costs must be divided as follows: the invoice payer is responsible for the costs incurred by his/her own bank and the payment receiver (OGOship), is responsible for the costs incurred by the receiving bank.

VAT will be added to the invoice depending on where the company to be invoiced is located and where the shipments are sent out from. Shipments sent out from the Swedish warehouses are invoiced with Swedish VAT 25 % and all other warehouses with Finnish VAT 24 %. If a company is VAT responsible outside these locations, the invoice will be sent out with VAT 0.
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