Go to myOGO "Edit merchant" page, and add the Wikinggruppen integration.

Ask Wikinggruppen for your API information.

Add your username, the given API password, and the URL with /api/v1/ in the end to the myOGO integration.

Remember to enable automatic changes to the web shop.


Once the integration is installed, go to the product sync page. If the products are not yet visible, click the 'refresh' button on the upper left side.

When the products are visible on the Wikinggruppen side of the page, click on all, or the desired products, to create them in myOGO. Read more about the product sync page.

When the physical products arrive at the warehouse, the stock amounts will be visible in both myOGO and Wikinggruppen.


Setting up shipping methods

Go to your online store shipping methods settings --> Manage zones and shipping methods.

Copy the shipping method name, i.e., "Inrikes-SCP" to the myOGO edit merchant page. Remember to insert both names, zone name, and freight method name in the myOGO shipping method. Separate them with a hyphen.

Read more about shipping methods.