Shipping methods - fulfillment options / PRO services configuration

Before using any PRO-services or other fulfillment options, you need to

  1. Enable them from the Merchant settings page
  2. And add the options to your shipping methods.

PRO-services have a price and are usually priced per shipment. Please see the info-page of the PRO-service in question to verify the price.


1. Enabling fulfillment options for your store / merchant

Please open your Merchant settings page. The fulfillment / PRO-services can be enabled one by one from the list similar to the one below:



2. Enabling fulfillment options for shipments

Ok, let's assume that you have decided to use the "Plastic free shipment" PRO-service and you have enabled it from the options. Please take a look at your shipping methods list. You should now have the option to add new shipping method options:



After selecting add new, you will be given an option to add additional services to the shipping method:

Please select the ones you would like to use and SAVE. 

This new shipping method option will act like a new shipping method but with the "Plastic free" option added. You can choose to use the shipping method without the PRO-service or with the PRO-service. You can even give this choice to your customer by presenting the customers with different options for them to select from.

You can also create a variety of different combinations to use in your store e.g.:


In the above presented example, these options would be available:

  • Code "GLS": GLS shipment with no extra options
  • Code "GLS-1": GLS shipment with "Plastic free"
  • Code "GLS-2": GLS shipment with "Plastic free" and "Hand written note".



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