Test merchant and test orders

You can create a test merchant with the same instructions as the ordinary merchant. Follow these instructions: Merchant settings.

More info for placing an order and so on can be found in our guides.

Here you can find instructions on how to set up integrations: Integrations.

The test merchant can be later changed to a real one.


If you want to test the shipping, please let us have your myOGO username, we can give you the permission to do that. Contact service@ogoship.com

You can add the products and the stock amount to the DEMO shelf (please, see the picture) and the stock amount will be visible in your online store so you can place test orders. 

When placing a test order, remember to use the "Test order/do not ship" button on the order page. If you are placing the order through integration, you need to enable the test order button at myOGO. If this is not enabled, the order is transferred to the warehouse to be shipped as they do not have any information that this is a test order.

Instructions for placing an order manually.

The order status is set to 'collecting' first and then 'shipped' in myOGO, then the information transfers to the online store.

The steps for testing:

  • Creating a test merchant
  • Setting up the integration
  • Setting up shipping methods
  • Adding stock on the product page, stock will be visible in the online store
  • Placing an order in the online store, remember to use the "Test order/do not ship" button
  • Changing the order status first to 'collecting', then 'shipped'
  • Order status transfers to the online store


API logs are also visible to you on the merchant list view.